• Shari Ford

New creative challenge : “Twirling Into Spring”

Capture the joy of Spring as your child dances in her Charlotte sy Dimby dress and get a chance to win an impressionistic painting of your child valued at $3000.

We are thrilled to announce a new contest with the classically smocked French style dress brand Charlotte say Dimby.

To take part we invite you to picture your princess twirling in one of our dresses. Perhaps one hand is holding out her dress as it swirls around her or both arms are held up like a graceful Degas ballerina.

The "Why"

Spring always brings the hope of new beginnings. As well as bowing our heads and asking for God's grace, we need to lift our heads each day to see the beauty around us and hold our loved ones close. Let's celebrate our little ones as they dance into Spring!

Inspiration :

"Dancing is a poem in which every movement is a word"

Enchanted by the success of the previous Tea party & Princess and Posies contest, we wished to renew the experience. As Spring begins and flowers start to bloom, our hearts and toes feel ready to twirl in tune with nature’s reawakening! We invite you to join the dance.

Winner’s gift :

The winner will receive an impressionistic painting of their child. Using the submitted photo as a reference, Shari will paint her dancing in an impressionistic garden with the winner's favorite flowers. The painting will be 11” x 14” or a comparable size, depending on the composition of the picture.

The top five photos will also have the chance to be featured on the Charlotte sy Dimby journal.

Time frame :

The contest runs until the 30th of April 2022.

Step by step guide :

1. Dress your child in her favorite Charlotte sy Dimby dress. It can be a dress from this Spring collection or a former one. It can also be a collaboration Bows & Blue - Charlotte sy Dimby dress - see here.

2. Play beautiful music and examples of graceful dancers with their arms outstretched to inspire your little one!

3. Take many photos to capture just the right pose! Don’t hesitate to contact Shari and Charlotte sy Dimby for advice on Instagram or by email at info@shariford.com or info@charlottesydimby.com

4. Write a few sentences or a short paragraph in your caption about how your child will ‘dance into Spring’. What brings her joy about this new season? How will you celebrate it? You can also write about your child’s love for dance.

5. Submit your photo and text by posting it on Instagram.

Tag and follow @sharifordportraits and @charlotte_sy_dimby

Tag 3 moms who do not yet follow us but could be interested. It’s a way to spread the joy!

Add the hastag #twirlingintospring

If you do not have an Instagram account, you can subscribe by email. Please send to info@charlottesydimby.com or info@shariford.com

Photography tips :

The quality of the photo is very important.

* Only one child per photo. You can however submit several photos if you have more than one child.

* Pictures can be taken indoors or outdoors.

* Profile pictures are often best but it does not have to be.

*Photos should be taken with a camera, preferably with a telephoto or portrait lens to reduce distortion and improve image quality.

*Stand as far away as possible, zooming in to get the shot. Don’t worry about capturing her face. Don’t encourage her to look at the camera. Ideal lighting is late afternoon or just inside a doorway or large window.

*Professional photos are accepted with the permission of the photographer, who will receive recognition for their work. You can also ask a friend with a good eye for photos.

For tips on how to best photography your child watch our videos

Please feel free to share about the challenge with all your friends and family.

“Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower.”