• Shari Ford

Tea Party Photo Contest!

Joe Bowler Tea Party 16" x 20"

CONTEST UPDATE! Tag 10 friends on Instagram and add another child to your tea party!

Enter a photograph of your child for a chance to win a 16" x 20" impressionistic oil portrait, worth $6000, painted from your photo! The contest ends on April 15th.

How to enter:

1. Find a beautiful dress and tea set

2. Have photos* taken of your child (only one child per photo unless you tag 10 friends on Instagram! Then you can have tea for two!) having a tea party with her dolls or a stuffed animal.

3. Submit your photo by posting it on Instagram with the tag @sharifordportraits and #teapartyportrait.

*The quality of the photo is very important. Photos should be taken with a camera to reduce distortion and improve image quality. Professional photos are accepted with the permission of the photographer, who will receive recognition for their work.

By submitting, contestants are giving Shari Ford Portraits permission for the reposting and use of their photos.

This contest is not sponsored by or associated with Instagram.

Photography tips:

DON"T HAVE THEM LOOK AT THE CAMERA! Have them offering tea to doll or stuffed bunny or bear or looking down as they pour the tea. (Or a sibling, if you tag me to 10 friends on Instagram!)

Don't worry about the background of the portrait. Less is more! A darling girl, a beautiful dress, a doll or stuffed animal and of course, a tea set, is all you need! Outside on a small quilt or blanket works well. The background doesn't matter! If you want her in a beautiful garden with hydrangeas, I can paint that!⠀

If you aren't an amazing photographer, have a friend who has a great camera and a good eye take the photos!

Throw a tea party with friends and split the cost of a professional photographer! Set up a quiet little area away from the party with a tea set and props for single subject photos.

If you want to take the photos yourself, use a portrait lens and stand as far away as possible, zooming in to the get the shot. This cuts down lens distortion. Never use a flash. If photographing inside, a great way to get good lighting is to set up in front of an open front door or any door that leads outside. Taking photos off to the side can give lovely shadows. If outside, pay attention to the light on your child's face. Make sure she doesn't have the sun on her face. An ideal shot is late afternoon with the sun at their back, making a halo effect. Then with a large sheet of foam core (found at art and craft stores) bounce light back on their face.

If you have any questions, email me at info@shariford.com!