• Shari Ford


I am so excited about this challenge! Through my partnership with Charlotte sy Dimby, I have been introduced to so many lovely families all over the world. In our new challenge, we are asking for photographs of your child in a Charlotte sy Dimby dress taken with the soft light of a window or door. The winner will receive an impressionist painting made from your entry.


As cooler days arrive, days tend to grow shorter and sunlight becomes rarer. In a world challenged by much turmoil, our inner lights may be tempted to waver. Yet “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” - John 1:5

Together, through the celebration of childhood beauty and innocence, may we glow bright all season and spread the light! Let your joy shine!


The winner will receive an impressionistic painting with the submitted photo as a reference from Shari Ford. The painting will be 11” x 14” or a comparable size, depending on the composition of the picture.

The portrait will be similar style to those of the previous contests : see here.


The contest runs until the 1st of January 2023.


  • Dress your child in her favorite Charlotte sy Dimby dress. It can be a dress from this winter collection or a former one. See here

  • Capture your child against a door or window. The door/window can also be in the background. Please picture your child indoors.

  • Take many photos to capture just the right pose! Don’t hesitate to contact Shari and Charlotte sy Dimby for advice on Instagram or by email at info@shariford.com or info@charlottesydimby.com

  • Submit your photos (one or several) by posting it on Instagram and sending the high quality photos by emails to info@charlottesydimby.com.

  • Tag and follow @sharifordportraits and @charlotte_sy_dimby

  • Add the hastag #windowstotheworld

  • If you do not have an Instagram account, you can join by email.

  • Along with your submission, share in a sentence or two how you add light and joy to the season.



Photos should be taken with a camera if possible, preferably with a telephoto or portrait lens to reduce distortion and improve image quality.


Stand as far away as possible, zooming in to get the shot.

Turn your subject sideways so they are not turning their back to the window/door. Their bodies can even be facing it. You just have to go to the side, and not directly face the window. That will make sure some light is falling on their face, and that your camera isn’t getting too much of the outside light in the frame.

Getting your subject from the side and not including the whole window in your frame is often easier.

A three-quarters pose can be very pretty too.


Indirect light, as opposed to the sun shining through the windows, is usually best.

Side lighting is often the best. Choose a day and time that is sunny, between 10 and 2pm is usually best. You’re not actually going to have the light directly on your subjects, so the stronger the light, the better the indirect light. It’s the indirect light which you need to look for : a soft one without hard shadows.

Pay attention to how the shadow falls on faces. A north facing window should always work, but just use one without light streaming in when you’re photographing. The face is an essential aspect and plays an important role in the jury’s decision.

Turn off your lights. Your indoor lights, though they may claim to be “natural”, will not be the same temperature as the natural light from outside. Mixed lighting rarely makes for good images. Also, your lights may be at unflattering angles such as straight down from above.

For more tips on how to best photography your child watch our videos.


Professional photos are accepted with the permission of the photographer, who will receive recognition for their work. You can also ask a friend with a good eye for photos.

Please feel free to share about the challenge with all your friends and family.