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A New Vision

Degas had his Ballerinas, I have my Charlotte sy Dimby Princesses!

For many years I have loved painting classical portraits, but I am excited to announce that I will now paint by inspiration rather than commissions.  

My aim is to render a fleeting moment, to eternalize a darling movement, a precious twirl or pose from the joyful and carefree days of childhood in beautiful gardens and natural settings. Less detailed than official portraits, these small sized paintings will focus on emotions, capturing the true essence and ‘impressions’ of these early years of life. Innocence, tenderness and delicacy will be my guidelines. The beautiful smocked dresses from the Parisian designer Charlotte sy Dimby, gave me a new vision. The classic designs, the attention given to each detail, the beautiful fabric hues, the way they twirl but most of all the joy of the little girls wearing them, convinced me to take the big leap. Nourishing a deep interest for French impressionism, it all fitted in marvelously and thus began a lovely relationship.



Teens and Adults



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