The Process

Portrait photography

                                                                                    Portrait photography session

The process of commissioning a portrait from start to finish is wonderful experience.  For children, the it can be very fun and educational and it creates lifelong memories that are revived each time they look at the portrait. It makes them feel special and with portraits of siblings, brings to mind memories of the bond they share.

When the artist is first contacted, she begins to get a feel for the look the client envisions for their portrait.  Will it be a head and shoulders or a full body pose?  Will it be one subject or a group?  Formal or casual?  Indoor or outdoor?  There are discussions about where the portrait will hang and the general size of the painting.

Selecting clothing is the next step. If the client is uncertain, the artist will make suggestions and send photos and links with examples.  

After these decisions are made,  the artist will travel to your location to meet the client and get a better idea of the setting, composition and colors.  Many photos will then be taken in different settings and poses.  The artist will load these on her laptop and decisions will be made about which photos best capture the subject.

After returning to her studio, she will study the photos and create an oil sketch for color and composition.  After this is approved, the actual portrait will be painted.  Frames will then be discussed and after the completion of the portrait,  it will either be shipped or delivered.  If it must be shipped, photography of the portrait will first be sent for approval.  Satisfaction is always guaranteed!

portrait artist
Portrait delivery