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How To Commission a Portrait

Initial Consultation:

Contact the artist by email or call (865)254-6675. When first contacting the artist, be prepared to discuss these questions:

  1. Who is the subject? Will there be one subject or multiple subjects- siblings, mother and child, etc. Will there be pets?

  2. Where will the portrait hang? This will help determine the size, pose and colors.

  3. What setting would you like? Outdoors, indoors, casual, formal?

  4. Clothing options

  5. Framing options

  6. What is your budget? This will also determine size and composition. Check my pricing here.

  7. What is your time frame for completion?

First Sitting: Once a clear vision of the portrait has been agreed on, the artist will travel to your desired location, get to know the subject and take many, many photographs and videos! These will be downloaded to a laptop and together with the client, the best pose and composition for the portrait will be decided. Travel is not included in the price of the portrait but there is no charge if it is under a four hour drive from my studio. A deposit of $2500. is required at this time.

Preliminary Sketch: After the sitting, the artist returns to her studio to complete a small oil sketch for color and composition which will then be submitted to the client for approval.

Completion of Portrait: After the approval of the sketch, the artist will begin painting the portrait. When it is completed, she will send a high quality photograph of the portrait for approval.

Delivery: Once completed, your portrait is either shipped or personally delivered. The remainder of the portrait fee is due upon delivery, including travel expenses, framing, state sales tax and shipping. Cash, personal check, PayPal or Venmo are accepted. Monthly payment plans to fit any budget are also available.


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