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"Impressions: A Fresh Perspective on Portraiture”

Childhood is a precious time filled with enchanting moments of wonder, innocence, and boundless imagination. Capturing these fleeting moments has been an inspiration to me recently in bs" portraits, smaller, less formal impressionist style paintings that capture the ephemeral beauty of childhood—the play of light and movement, the laughter, and the sheer joy of being in the moment.

What I love about “Impressions”

A Fresh Perspective: "Impressions" are more spontaneous and full of life than a traditional oil portrait. Like the impressionist masters, I’m learning to embrace the beauty of imperfections. The brushstrokes are bold and expressive, evoking not just the physical attributes of a child, but also their personalities and emotions.

Capturing the Dance of Light: These spontaneous paintings focus on the interplay of light and shadow in portraits. Sunlight filtering through leaves, the golden hour's warm glow, and the soft light of a child's bedroom catch my imagination and breathe life into the very essence of a moment.

Expressing Movement: Childhood is synonymous with movement, whether it's a child chasing butterflies, having tea parties, or simply running freely in the park. "Impressions" portraits convey this sense of movement through loose brushwork and dynamic compositions, making each painting a story in motion.

Intimate Size: The size of "Impressions" portraits is intentionally kept smaller, making them perfect for intimate spaces. Their compact nature draws viewers in, encouraging them to examine and feel the preciousness of childhood.

Childhood is filled with magic, wonder, and boundless potential. "Impressions" portraits offer a unique way to celebrate and preserve these precious, fleeting moments. The pure joy of being a child!

"Impressions" start at $5000. Contact me for more information at .


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